A note from our President

By Rev. Marc Stroud

SPiN Cafe has been active in Oak Harbor since 2012.  Our Mission Statement sums up goals that guide us in serving homeless and other struggling people on Whidbey Island. 

“To meet the basic needs of food, shelter and offer a sense of self-worth
to the vulnerable people in our community.”

The hard work of volunteers, staff and financial supporters help us meet our mission and have an impact on lives in our area. The majority of our efforts are in assuring our guests get shelter and food at SPiN Cafe. 

Meeting our guests’ physical needs is only the first step for those living on the edge in our community.  Our mission pushes us to help them meet higher goals of humanity.  Self-worth and belonging mean that we need to provide them with tools to help them fit back into the community.

I will use myself as an example.  My story is like many in Oak Harbor.  Our professions brought us to the Island, but the people we met here brought us into community. I came as a stranger, but I am part of Oak Harbor because of the friends and neighbors I have gained all over Whidbey Island. The work that brought me here helped me meet my family’s needs of food and shelter, while relationships support and confirm me as a friend and neighbor to others. This helps me to self-actualize my life through the people I come in contact with.

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Tulalip Cares celebration includes SPiN

Spin Cafe is grateful for grant funding from the Tulalip Tribes, through their Tulalip Cares Charitable Fund.

Tulalip Cares invites the groups they support to be honored at the Raising Hands celebration at the Tulalip Tribes Casino Center. It is tribal tradition to raise hands to applaud and give thanks to those who have given to the community. Since 1993, Tulalip Cares has donated $69.5 million to more than 400 charitable organizations.

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SPiN awarded 3-year, $635,000 grant

“Great news from SPiN Café,” the email began. That’s always worth an immediate look.

And great news it was.

SPiN Cafe changes lives.

SPiN Café Executive Director Michele Hines announced on February 5 to our partner churches that SPiN has been awarded a three-year grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) totaling just over $635,000. The grant is renewable annually after three years.

The funds will allow SPiN to lease our own location where we can serve our guests 7 days a week. We have not identified the place yet, but we’re searching for one that will allow laundry services and showers too, under one roof, fulfilling a vision that was born when SPiN was founded 11 years ago.

Our local Whidbey News Times covered the story on Wednesday, February 8.

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First quarter service report        

Welcome to Spring!

2022 got off to a frigid start in Oak Harbor, but SPiN was able to step up and offer round-the-clock shelter for two weeks courtesy of our hosts at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. For more on that story, take a look here:

In the first four months of 2022, SPiN provided 2,442 lunches – at St. Stephen’s during the week and at Hal Ramaley Park on weekends – and served on all 120 days in those months, for an average a little over 20 meals a day.

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It’s spring! Let’s Fling!

Are you all about great music, excellent food, and time with neighbors who care about SPiN Café?

Get your tickets today for SPiN’s Spring Fling!

Spring has certainly sprung around our gorgeous island. At SPiN, even in the season’s promise we’re reminded of the hard work we need to do every day to serve our community’s most vulnerable citizens – and to keep them safe, fed, and healthy.

SPiN’s Spring Fling is your chance to play a part as we keep that mission going.

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