Make Giving Tuesday a SPiN Day

As our fall weather gets wetter and colder, SPiN’s guests find themselves more in need than ever of shelter and warmth. And as our days get shorter and darker, SPiN continues to be a beacon of friendship, dignity, and hope.

Be a part of Giving Tuesday and support SPiN on November 30.
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SPiN Cafe: a vital resource!

Michele Chapman is Executive Director of SPiN Cafe.

The last 6 months have been a blessing not only to the guests that come to SPiN, but also to those of us who serve.  We re-opened our doors on February 3, 2021 at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church adding the Day Shelter to our Sack Lunch program.  The Day Shelter is open from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday and provides a safe, dry place for people to rest, access wi-fi, get beverages, snacks and lunch.  Many of our guests arrive first thing in the morning from The Haven, some come to us on the transit bus or on foot, and some by private vehicle. 

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SPiN still needs you

by Tom Saunders, SPiN Board member

SPiN Cafe 2021 is a success story in rebranding and building a successful organization which has gained the trust and support from local government agencies, businesses and many individuals on Whidbey Island.

We are proud to say that the issues we faced in 2019 are long gone and we are a proud organization of 5 individuals on payroll together with over 30 volunteers, an Executive Director and a volunteer Board of Directors who are all committed to our mission. 

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8 years serving SPiN’s Mission

From our Board President, Rev. Marc Stroud

SPiN Cafe has offered shelter and nourishment to Oak Harbor residents for the past eight years. Most of that time we were in a little storefront on Bayshore Drive, next to the DMV offices. During the early years of the Café, we responded to the needs of our Oak Harbor homeless, jobless, and low income guests. Through the Café, these individuals were able to find the necessary facilities, laundry services, showers, cooked meals and job search information.

Marc Stroud
Marc Stroud is SPiN’s Board President and Associate Pastor at Oak Harbor Lutheran Church.
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SPiN kindness keeps on spreading

Seen around our beautiful island lately: A beautiful sentiment, and it does in fact look like it’s contagious.

A little warmth on a cold winter day. Get your sign and spread a little more.

Since SPiN introduced “Kindness is Contagious” yard signs in January, dozens of them have sprouted in lawns, gardens, walkways, and car windows all over our community.

Do you have your sign? They’re available at:
Oak Harbor Chamber office, 32630 SR 20
and at SPiN’s Day Shelter at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 555 SE Regatta Drive

We suggest a $25 donation to help us keep spreading kindness to those in need in our community.

Let’s have some fun with this! Pick up a sign, and send us a photo of it in your yard, parking strip, car window, or whatever creative place you can think of. Even tell us a story if you want. We’ll post your pictures on our social media with our thanks for your support.

You can email your photo to or message it to our facebook page.

Thanks for being a spreader!

A few more signs we’ve seen around lately: