Word from the Board President

The weather this April has been fickle.  Last week we had high winds interluded by rain and even hail storms.  Just when you feel like hanging up your old rain gear, the radio station in Seattle is declaring another rain front moving into south Seattle. The sun comes out on Whidbey Island and dries up all the rain. 

Marc Stroud
Pastor Marc Stroud is SPiN Cafe’s Board President.

Last week the lawn was dry enough to mow the lawn.  I thought I could catch up on the gardening but by the end of the day when I returned from work, it started raining again  The temperature has been equally unpredictable as well.  One day, the morning began with frost on my back porch and with in a few hours the sun had come out and burned off the frost and I could walk in Fort Ebby’s trail system without a coat, feeling perfectly warm amidst the tall dark forest of Cedar trees in the park.

For many of us on Whidbey Island this is status quo, expected as usual.  We have resources and safe places to deal with inclement weather and simply wait till the weather improves.  But to our brothers and sisters who live without the luxury of a home and a warm hearth, those who are homeless on the streets, have no place to go to get shelter and warmth on these unpredictable days of April.

Fortunately, SPiN Cafe has been able to finally open up a shelter for this unpredictable weather.  St Stephen’s Episcopal Church has been able offer their social hall as a place where a person can get warm, have a lunch, and find some shelter for a little while.  SPiN cafe has been able shelter about ten guests at any one time.  The staff at the shelter work hard to maintain a virus free environment, teaching and practicing safe distancing for anyone staying at the shelter.

For our patrons who receive this newsletter, it is with your help that we can offer this shelter for the homeless.  But there is still a long journey to bring back to Oak Harbor a place for people in need to go for help get comprehensive help.  With your financial help we hope to provide our guests access to resources such as, career counseling, mental health screening, Community services outreach, and a safe place to gather and feel welcomed.