SPiN lunch services update

With the closure of indoor meal spaces due to the coronavirus, SPiN Cafe continues to maintain a feeding program for the most vulnerable members of our community. This has required tremendous volunteer efforts from a core group of our supporters. Beginning March 17, our program has served over 20 meals per day.

One guest at a time, we’re serving over 20 lunches a day at Flintstone Park. Sonny Starks photo.

This is an essential service, delivering food to those in need. Regarding safety concerns during this health crisis, our volunteers exercise all recommended health practices. For example:

  • We sanitize our hands and disinfect our serving areas on a regular basis.
  • We maintain a safe distance between those serving and the guests.
  • Meals are not handed directly to the guests, but are placed on a table for them to pick up.
  • Guests are reminded to maintain social distancing of 6 feet as they await their meal.
  • We allow no more than 10 persons around the serving station at one time.

The safe health of our servers and guests is paramount and is reflected in our service.

Keeping it safe and clean: volunteers and guests maintain social distance. Sonny Starks photo.

We greatly appreciate the support of volunteers from St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Church on the Rock, Christian Reformed Church, and several others who have felt called to donate their time to this essential service. On behalf of all the guests you serve and SPiN Cafe, we thank you all.