SPiN services continue to grow

Another quarter, another three solid months of increased service from SPiN Cafe.

SPiN Executive Director Tom Saunders recently released stats comparing monthly meals served in all of 2019 and through August of this year.

In years past,” said Saunders, “we only served hot dinner meals indoors three days a week to those persons in need. With the response we have seen from our 2020 operations since mid-March, the sack meal program is reaching far more people than before and as such, consideration must be given to maintaining the program after we are able to serve hot meals indoors once again.”

Monthly increases this year are partly due to a gradual move to seven-day-a-week service, which we achieved in August thanks to the volunteer efforts from churches and community groups from all over the North Whidbey area. As meal service numbers increased, so did the number of volunteer hours.

Serving more guests – a 270% increase since March – requires many more volunteer hours. And of course more financial support.

SPiN isn’t finished yet with our growing efforts to serve the community. A return to evening meal service, and a reimagined day center during the approaching colder weather months, are on the horizon.

This will require a new influx of support from the community, both financially and in volunteer assistance.

Meanwhile, the numbers continue to bear it out: SPiN’s reach to serve the community is increasing, and the community, more and more, is giving back.

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For information on how you can volunteer, please contact Carol Wall at spincafeoh@gmail.com.