SPiN laundry service starts again

SPiN Cafe announced today that we will restart our laundry services this week, which is tremendous news. The program was on hold for over a month to protect the health of our guests and staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of Thursday, April 30, SPiN will provide washing and drying at no charge at the Dutch Maid Laundry, 75 S.E. Barrington Drive, in Oak Harbor.

This will be a weekly service, every Thursday from 6:30 – 9:30 AM. Guests will be asked to follow social distancing precautions on site.

Dutch Maid Laundry is convenient to downtown Oak Harbor.

Guests at our Flintstone Park lunch service are welcome to sign up for Thursday laundry with Laurel. This isn’t a requirement, just a way to let her know you’re coming.

SPiN’s laundry services will be extra helpful to overnight guests at the Haven shelter, who will be dropped off by the Haven’s bus right in front of the Dutch Maid if they need to wash their clothes. This will be an extra level of support and will provide a little dignity for these citizens, who have no reliable place of their own to sleep, and no other way to get their laundry done.

Many thanks to SPiN’s Laurel Fagan, who will host and assist our guests, and to Fran Stevens for putting the Haven bus schedule together.

Today’s announcement brings SPiN Cafe right back to our roots. As an advocate for local school kids whose families were struggling financially, SPiN founder Vivian Rogers-Decker saw the need for a place in our community where families wouldn’t have to choose between clean laundry and food or other crucial expenses.

Clean clothes, which most of us take for granted, lead to self confidence and dignity. And they might make it just a little easier to climb out of hard times. So clean clothes have been a part of what we do since the very beginning.

The laundry program is funded through donations, and we can always use your help. To support us, please donate here. Thank you to the many generous members of our community who make this vital part of our mission possible.