Numbers to inspire

They’re just figures on a page. But every one of them represents a victory, however small it is, in our mission to Serve People In Need.

Look behind the numbers. Be inspired!

Your SPiN staff reports numbers to the Board of Directors every month. Inside those numbers are the stories of progress in our efforts to serve our guests with dignity and respect, and to help them get their lives back.

A recent monthly staff report contained these black and white numbers:

2 – new guests who came to us after they were released from prison. SPiN provided them with connections to employment, housing, and counseling.

3 – new volunteers. It is a huge commitment to step up and be a part of the SPiN mission. Thanks to every single volunteer.

51 – guests served with laundry services. Don’t forget that the need for dignity through clean laundry was an original inspiration for the founding of SPiN.

52 – shower passes issued. So many of us take our cleanliness for granted. It’s a dose of reality to know how many of our neighbors can’t just step into their own private bathroom and turn on the water.

338 – volunteer hours, by 25 dedicated members of our community.

– dinners provided, an average of 52 per day served.

998 – total guest visits, an average of 32 neighbors coming to us every day for warmth, friendship, nutrition, and connection to vital services in our community.

In the time it took to read these few short words, SPiN likely ticked off a few more numbers. Thanks for your ongoing support, and thank you for being inspired by the human stories behind the numbers.