8 years serving SPiN’s Mission

From our Board President, Rev. Marc Stroud

SPiN Cafe has offered shelter and nourishment to Oak Harbor residents for the past eight years. Most of that time we were in a little storefront on Bayshore Drive, next to the DMV offices. During the early years of the Café, we responded to the needs of our Oak Harbor homeless, jobless, and low income guests. Through the Café, these individuals were able to find the necessary facilities, laundry services, showers, cooked meals and job search information.

Marc Stroud
Marc Stroud is SPiN’s Board President and Associate Pastor at Oak Harbor Lutheran Church.
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SPiN Still Serving!

Executive Director Michele Chapman provided this graphic showing average meals served per day in each month dating back to January 2019. Measuring average served per day allows for the changes in how many days we served meals over that time.

Stats show meals served per day — on the days we were serving.

Here’s a quick timeline, for reference:

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Word from the Board President

The weather this April has been fickle.  Last week we had high winds interluded by rain and even hail storms.  Just when you feel like hanging up your old rain gear, the radio station in Seattle is declaring another rain front moving into south Seattle. The sun comes out on Whidbey Island and dries up all the rain. 

Marc Stroud
Pastor Marc Stroud is SPiN Cafe’s Board President.
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Stroud, Chapman advocate for SPiN

When February temperatures turned frigid, and most of Whidbey’s citizens hunkered indoors from the snow and bitter wind, it was painfully evident that winter is deadly dangerous for dozens of our neighbors.

St. Stephens hosts SPiN’s Day Shelter.

SPiN Board President Marc Stroud and Executive Director teamed up on an open letter to our city leaders, published in our local Whidbey News-Times. Many thanks to Pastor Marc and to Michele for your advocacy! Their letter reads as follows:


To Mayor Bob Severns and members of the Oak Harbor City Council: This week’s freezing weather has brought a long-standing community need to greater light.

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Volunteers needed!

SPiN Cafe is in need of Volunteers to work in our Day Shelter Monday through Friday. If you have a heart for giving and like working with people, we’d love to meet you!

We need you!

Please find our Volunteer Application on our website at https://www.spincafeoh.org/volunteer/. Bring your completed application to SPiN Cafe, located at St. Stehpen’s Episcopal Church:

555 SE Regatta Dr., Oak Harbor, M-F 8 am to 4:30 pm.

If you have questions, please email us at spincafeoh@gmail.com.

We look forward to meeting you, and thanks for making our community a better place.