Bob Wall’s Message of Hope

Dear SPiN Cafe Supporter,

Please take a moment to review our quarterly newsletter.

We, on the SPiN Board, have worked with our staff in the last couple months to adapt to the Covid 19 situation and to focus on what we have done since the beginning…feed folks in need.

Things change but some things do not change…What does not change is the need for people to eat. We, at SPiN, have worked to continue our feeding program and we have done that well.

A simple idea: A few dollars enables us to make one more sandwich for one more sack lunch to serve one more of our homeless neighbors.

Imagine you do not have a washer and dryer…Our laundry service has been able to serve those that do not. We are also connecting folks to a shower program. These are seemingly small things but become huge to those in need.

I commend our staff, volunteers, and board members who all reach out to serve our neighbors in need. I appreciate them and thank them for their service.

In an effort to keep SPiN supporters and friends up to date on what we are doing, please be sure we have your email address, and ask your friends to share theirs with us. You can easily do that by sending them to

Bob Wall
SPiN Board President Bob Wall and a buddy.


Bob Wall
President, SPiN Board